Go From Anonymous To Influencer On Instagram: 8 Hacks That Will Help You Grow Your Following And Engagement

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there today. In fact, in a single month, the app averages over 1 billion users (source: Omnicore). In. A. Single. Month. Anyway, you understand just how frequently the app is used. And it makes sense. Instagram has several ways that you can create engaging content. So, that’s whether it’s a personal account, you’re a brand or even a budding business. There are several ways to connect with your following.

Here are some tips that you can use to increase engagement on your Instagram account.

Use Hashtags

Now, this is probably not the first time that you’ve heard this tip. But the reason that you keep hearing it is because of how effective it is. Some of the hashtags that Irene suggests that you use are #accra #ghana #repost #explore #explorePage.

Tag Your Location

According to Irene, turning on the location tag when you post, will increase the chances of your post reaching people in that particular location. It’s more likely to appear on their page.

Reply To Comments As Soon As Possible

Instagram pushes posts with more engagements to the top of user’s feeds. That means that in order to get your post seen more, you need to reply to comments and mentions immediately. Have conversations if you can. In addition to the benefits in terms of metrics, you also build a rapport with your followers.

Check Your Insights To Track The Best Time To Post

When you check your insights, Instagram shows you the times when your other posts have the most engagement; the times when most of your audience is online. You can use that information to figure out the best time to post to get the highest engagement.

Write Better Captions

We’ve already discussed how comments help your posts and your engagements. And now, we’re going to talk about one of the most significant ways that you can boost comments on your posts. That is, by writing better captions. Irene says that your caption should be something that is definitely worth commenting on. That could even be a question that your followers are going to answer.

Post Consistently: At Least Once Every Two Days

More posts = more engagement. There’s not much else to say. You need to build the habit of regular posting.

Go Live And Interact With People Who Comment

Live sessions are also a way to have some real-time engagement with your followers. Go live when you’re able to, and make those sessions, interactive by answering your followers’ questions and also interacting with those who leave comments.

Engage With Your Audience

Finally, you can increase your own engagement by making friends on Instagram. These are people whose posts you support with your platform. That is, reposting their current photos on your story, leaving comments, and other things that show that you care.


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