LEGO Batman Review: The Movie

IMPORTANT: This review does NOT contain SPOILERS

If you are reading these lines it belongs to one of these two kinds of people: the group that saw the LEGO movie at the time or instead is part of the one that did not. It doesn’t matter which side you are in to enjoy this new installment.

That film, directed to six hands by the filmmakers Philip Lord, Christopher Miller and Chris McKay already showed a world of satire and fun based on a good handful of characters built by way of the pieces and the universe of the famous Danish company of “construction “of pieces.

In that first existing film about the world of LEGO, of course, Batman was already there to give several of the best moments of the footage. So why not create a movie based solely on your world? You didn’t have to be too smart to imagine that this could happen. But it had to be done well and it has been.

We all know Batman as a character but not so much his dark sides. He is a guy who always seeks justice and honesty and fulfills against crime but in his struggle we see a bitter, lonely, somewhat pretentious and sometimes unbearable man. There Batman: The LEGO movie gives a great key to stand out by getting very remarkably into the psychology of the character (more like Batman than Bruce Bruce).

So the most successful masked justice of the DC company (with Superman’s permission) arrives to stay in this new installment in which the whole adventure revolves around him as a central icon. But it does this including these shadows mentioned above very interesting. I dare to affirm that of all the films made on Batman (yes, all those that have been shot in real image, series, animation, etc …) this is probably the one that best reflects the solitude and existential emptiness of the hero , both in the immensity of his mansion as in his relationship with other human beings. Only an always loyal Alfred seems to have some empathy and closeness for him.

Batman: the LEGO movie is fun, entertaining, curious and on top of it is wonderfully performed. There are a lot of characters, which makes the plot happy and colorful. Everyone who can imagine viewers about the DC universe will possibly find them in the movie. And in addition, LEGO dares to expand its universe to other great sagas and worlds. Another total success.

In Spain Claudio Serrano and José Coronado lend their voices to the characters of Batman and Alfred, respectively. In addition, there are some surprises in the Castilian dubbing with actors such as Carlos Santos or Berta Vázquez , or even the director Juan Antonio Bayona , whose characters it is better not to reveal to leave certain surprises to the viewer. In the USA version we see the SUV Will Arnett (also a doubler of the character of BoJack Horseman ), Ralph Fiennes, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Rosario Dawson, among others.

Every superhero needs his nemesis and here is the Joker’s obsession to be important in Batman’s life but he has other problems: himself. His relationship with Robin, the idea of ​​discovering the union of the team and the family are latent messages.

They are also curious and pleasant all the metareferences that the film proclaims to all kinds of times that the character went through, with his 60’s costumes (with Alfred) and that curious incorporation of onomatopoeia, as in the classic of that time in which Adam West gave life to Batman.

It is not a surprise that the film works as a shot for its great mix, successful, humor, entertainment and great animation with Lego figurines. If even the password to enter the mansion Wayne is another hilarious jewel (and refers to a great Marvel character ).

Entering the universe of the two Lego films produces a sensation that generates excitement in the key of entertainment, the continuous smile, the well-named madness between frames … The world of LEGO in its films is a total joy. I recommend that you watch both movies now.



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