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Meet Ghanaian female carpenter making the profession attractive

Comfort Nana Ama Adzigbli first started off desiring to become a lawyer at an early age but while growing up, she spent a lot of time at her father’s carpentry shop.

Under the tutelage of her father she acquired some carpentry skills and was able to even at a tender age produce items such as boxes and on some occasions fixed broken tables.

But it wasn’t something she desired to make a full time profession simply because she had love for the legal profession.


Adzigbli didn’t end up as a lawyer though in her adult life. After high school education she went into modelling and acting due to her beautiful and attractive physique.

Disappointed with the income and needed exposure, Adzigbli went into TV presentation at local TV stations in Ghana but it didn’t work.

Reviving skills from the past

So she ended up reviving and putting into action the little carpentry skills she learnt from her late father.

Comfort Nana Ama Adzigbli at work. Photo: LinkedIn/Edward Asare


In a recent interview with Edward Asare, a Ghanaian blogger, Adzigbli said “I didn’t train to be a carpenter.

My Dad was one and because I was Daddy’s girl I learned it from him. I was always with him whilst he was working.”

She added that “My Dad’s dying words to me affected me positively. He said I will never be successful in any career aside carpentry.”

Adzigbli said her father noted that she “was born to lead the feminine generation into creativity. I didn’t take his words seriously in the beginning.”

But after her modelling, TV presentation and & acting failed, she remembered her father’s “words all over again and accepted the challenge.”

Comfort Nana Ama Adzigbli tried modelling in the past. Photo: LinkedIn/Edward Asare

Adzigbli now runs her own furniture shop called ‘NAMAS DECOR GH’ and has been successful so far, making the profession attractive to women in Ghana.



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