Story Of How My Uber Driver Became My Husband

An American lady named Bree has drawn the attention netizens as she celebrated her husband on father’s day who she described as her Uber driver before they got married. Interesting right?

They say that nobody knows where they are going to find love right? Well, this sure happened to Ms. Bree with her intriguing love story which has gone viral.

In describing how it all happened, she said that she attended a Kanye West concert in September 2016 with her girlfriends, and afterward, one of her friends called an Uber to take them out for some cocktails at their favorite spots in the city.

The Uber driver pulled up, her friends got in the back seat and Bree went to the front seat.

And after a few minutes of driving, she then glanced at the driver and, “my word, I was just…So with my liquid courage STRONGLY intact, your girl shoots her shot. I ask “excuse me, do you have a girlfriend?” to which he responds, “no ma’am”. Now as a city girl, I was like “no ma’am?!?” She said.

The confident lady proceeded to ask the Uber driver if he would like one of which made the handsome man blushed and was impressed with her audacity.

They thereafter chatted and after the girls had alighted she gave him her number and a week later the Uber driver texted her, she asked for a photo to verify who that was, he sent it and then the love began.

Fast forward, after a year of knowing each other, they moved in together and got engaged in the following year, then after six months, they got married.

Bree got pregnant and they have a baby together. Love was brewed in an Uber car. She says it’s just something about that Black Love. Truly black love is it.

Lesson learned; some people see what they want and gather the courage to go after it, they don’t make any excuses and waste time.

Perhaps Bree has taught us that girls can also make the move when they see what they like, after all, it all ended in a ‘happy ever after’, not tears.

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